The Japanese Traditional bathhouse "SENTO"

SENTO is old public bath in Japan.

It has so long history, originally the bath for monks in the BUDDISM temple.

In modern period, It's familiar with common people.

Today We have shower room in each home, and amounts of SENTO is decreasing.

But It gathering attention as Japanse unique culture.

Our Bathhouse, SENTO "TAKANOYU"

Our bathhouse "TAKANO YU" is old japanese bathhouse in TAKAYAMA city.

We continue to run this bathhouse from about 300 years ago(EDO priod in Japan).

It's in quiet and peaceful area called "SORA MACHI(it means sky town)".

Along HIGASHIYAMA walking route, you can find many shrines, temples, cemeteries.

Along ENAKO river, you can see beautiful sight.

In SHIROYAMA park nearby our bathhouse, you can touch japanese history and nature.

Our bathhouse is rebuild at 70 years ago, It's old japanese style architecture.

We have 2 bathtub.

One of them is Carbone bath.

The other is herb bath.

Our bathhouse is famous as Body Warming Bath.

Please soak laisurely, and make your body relaxed.

Also you can stay our bathhouse.

Please watch below.


We have 2 rooms for staying.

One is wide floor(For 3~8 persons).

The other is small but comfortable(1~2 persons).

Please check our listing on Airbnb!